Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dog for a Day

so, the girls and I were driving west-bound on baseline and the cars ahead came to a sudden stop
so I stopped (girls were most appreciative)and there was this dog trying to cross the street. She looked scared, worried, confused. As we passed by, the rear-view mirror told me, "That poor dog isn't going to make it. Baseline is busy, extremely busy. Look at her still in the middle of the street. Turn around!" But I ignored the mirror. Now my gut started to talk now and several blocks later I was driving east-bound to find that dog. I got out of my car and checked her tags (she had tags!) and I called. The man on the other end wished me luck as he gave me the owners numbers. Lucy, the five year old golden retreiver was going for a ride in my kia. The girls were elated. The dog: relieved. I left messages on the machines and showed Lucy our backyard. She played with the tennis ball. She was happy on her back getting a belly rub by the girls. She even made the cutest noise as we scratched. Secretly, I was hoping the owners would never call. I could see us and Lucy working out. That was approximately 10:30am. 3:30PM I get a call from Bev. The owner. She was crying before she utter her first word. She was calling from the funeral. She buried her daugther today. If I didn't believe in guardian angels before, I do now.
Lucy is back with her family. And I believe in miracles.


Matt and Monica said...

Oooohh!! Puppy!! You are a good woman to follow your gut - and it sounds like it was meant to be. Now you're going to have to get a know that, right?? ;-) heh heh. PS - love Ella's hair!! Hadn't seen the short before - when did you cut it??

katdmeister said...

Great story about the dog. Everything happens for a reason. Always listen to the promptings of your heart. What a blessing! Aunt Kat