Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My husband's girlfriend wrote this:

Christian Kiley and his girlfriend

Do you know Christian Kiley? He is a very talented, tall, dark, bald (I mean shaved) mysterious, witty, goofy and handsome kind of a man. He is an amazing husband, daddy, son, brother, friend, teacher and boyfriend. I heart this man. I am proud of this man.
Today he received his first check for writing. Ladies and Gentlemen, CK has arrived! :) We celebrated. I made him my favorite dinner. (well, I would have made him his favorite dinner if the mail had come any earlier) Spaghetti with a rich meat sauce & yummy garlic bread (of course). Ella thinks his writing is fantastic. So does his girlfriend.
We're proud of you, Kiley.
Misty, Ella and Sophia


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday is Make-Your-Own-Pizza night!

Ella showing off her Barbeque Chicken Pizza.
She made the dough from scratch! :)