Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008


Underneath my kitchen sink, the faucet started to leak. I investigated and sure enough, a washer-ringy thing broke. So, not a big deal. Just get a new one and all should be well... WELL, we did get a new washer-ringy thing, but as I tried to replace it, I snapped the pcp pipe. That was in October. I'm not sure why I've waited so long to fix it. Perhaps roaming endlessly down Home Depot aisles was enough to keep me at bay, but I think more than anything, I didn't BELIEVE I could fix it. Today, as I was trying to deal with Mr. One Sink Wonder, I had enough. I grabbed the broken pipe & babes in tote and we were at the big orange square in no time. And it wasn't that bad. We found the faucet repair aisle (it's really called that) and I compared my pipe with a few other bad boys & I found the match. It took 3 minutes and $2.50 later to find myself under my kitchen sink. Never mind Sophia coloring on the kitchen floor, have you looked under your sink lately? It's a crazy mess, but I was determined. Ella supplied me with words of encouragement and when I finally thought I got all the parts back where they belonged... we ran the water and Mr. Two Sinks was back! It's appropriate that I purchased a red BELIEVE decor a few weeks back. It's residing on my kitchen table or maybe it should go hang out with the sink... because I learned a valuable lesson today. BELIEVE in Santa, ok... that's good. But BELIEVE in self, that's priceless. And speaking of christmas, as a present to self, I think I'll make an ornament out of the old pipe, just as a reminder to

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Favorite Things

this is wordle, click it and you can create your own! it's fun... too fun.

Monday, December 1, 2008