Friday, March 6, 2009

try it you wont like it

being pregnant that is...

I was 13 weeks preggers here with Sophia-to-be

I was HORRIBLY sick but somehow managed to crawl out of bed

take a shower, put some make-up on and take a picture of my growing

belly. My house had been on the market for about 11 months and we just received

an offer! Notice Ella under the desk. She layed in bed with me for those

zillion months or so without complaining once. We sure have alot

of cartoons under our belt... alot of vomiting, alot of tears, alot of vomiting,

a lot of phone calls to my BFF Cindy and alot of vomiting!

I don't miss the year 2007 at all!

Except it did bring me a cute little Sophia BIA Bee bundle.

I'm glad I snapped this memory: to remind

myself why Pregnant Misty will never happen again!!

Try this if you got nothing better to do:

GOTO your documents/photo

Click on the 6th folder

click on the 6th picture

and write about it.

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