Sunday, August 10, 2008

Angel Lake

We went on a picnic today with Grammy and Papa Bill at Angel Lake. It was a beautiful little lake about an hour from Elko, Nevada. Grammy and Ella went on a hike that took about an hour and thirty minutes! They had a huge adventure climbing over streams and rocks and seeing a beautiful waterfall. We had a nice picnic over looking the lake, and then Ella and Papa Bill went fishing. Ella caught her first fish, a rainbow trout. She was so excited and even held the poor thing. I'm not a fisherman, never claimed to be one... (but if I say that out loud the Reams side might disown me. Avid fishermen. Me? I start to cry. That's right... I cry and cry and cry.. and yet, somehow I find myself on these fishing excursions.) It was fun to see Ella with her Barbie fishing pole. That pole is magical because we caught several trout with that little pink thing. :) Lot's of fun. Tonight, as I was putting Ella to bed, she told me she was a fish. :) I have major momma guilt because I remembered to put sunblock on Sophia but forgot to put some on Ella. She actually looks like a lobster, not a fish.

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Matt and Monica said...

That's hilarious! I"m glad to know I'm not the only one that does stuff like that - thanks for making me feel better! ;-) Looks like a good time - your parents look great! I'm going to have to pick your brain as to how your mom lost all that weight! I've only got 20 to lose, but my mom is still struggling and I'd love to be able to help her. Love you to pieces, girl!