Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Diaper off w/ poo a'flyin'

Hey mom, look what I can do today? I can take my diaper off! Wheeeee, the fresh air feels good. I like my new tricks. I'm one. I'm taking my first steps. I can hold my diaper in one hand and use it for balance. I'm practically a genius. Aren't you proud of me? I know you are. You're taking pictures. Even the cat is proud of me. What's that mom? Ella's going to watch me while you take a shower? Ok. That's fine. I love my sister. We'll just watch some cartoons. Really, you don't have to put a diaper back on me. I like this new found freedom. Well, if you insist.

Did I tell you I can take my diaper off?

You love me.
Sophia Bia Bee


Candice said...

Ha ha ha! Too funny.

I hope you don't mind me linking to you from cjane. I am trying to spread the word about a Nie project I am starting, check it out at or on her benefit blog. Thank you! Candice

Bray said...

I have had one or two who love to be naked.
Thanks for you comments on my blog. You have an adorable family and such fun stories.

Matt and Monica said...

Isn't nakedness bliss?? Okay, cute bum shots - I love it! PS - love the pic in your blog title - you have always been so gorgeous!! Hope all is well - when are you coming to GJ!?!?!?!?! ;-) Loves and hugs!


TheEpicBeat said...

Wow...I love that you took a picture of it. You totally went there.

Nice shot. It's crazy how normal it is to touch poo when it's your kids.