Tuesday, January 13, 2009


i have no picture for you
this is a perfect example of my bad poc ways
If you POC, that means your camera has a permanent home
where it resides... it must be above toddler-reaching capabilities because
if you don't POC, you leave camera any old where and thusly,
toddler gets a hold of it and takes the memory card (don't ask me how)
and decides to play hide-&-seek with it.
Shame on me for betraying POC. I have lost my way. I hope that
when i truly repent of my anti-pocful ways that he will
let me back in.
I am SO SORRY!!!!
AND I am terribly upset that this hide-&-seek game has lasted for 5 days and 6 hours.
I've looked in the trash cans, the litter box... under the couch, her poop???
(no, I didn't... but thought about it)
ALAS, lovely memories of thanksgiving, christmas, parties, & loved ones, You'll
just have to reside in my heart forever until I can get off my lazy butt
and go buy another memory card.
and yes, my camera has seen
Point Of Completion.
Have you?


Matt and Monica said...

LOL!! Okay, then I'll forgive you for not posting until now! Hope you guys had a great holiday - can't wait to see pics if ever you find the memory card...nice post, btw, love the "POC-ing"! ;0)

Debbie said...

glad to see you back!!! with our without pictures