Friday, October 24, 2008

Ella Bella Peach

Name: Ella Josephine Kiley

Age: 4

Favorite Food: "spesghetti"

Favorite icecream: chocolate

Favorite story: junie b. jones

Favorite cartoon: upside down show

Favorite stuffed animal: my puppy

Favorite color: pink

Favorite song: "i love you" (by Ella)

Favorite sister: sophia

Best friend: lolo

Favorite number: 14

Favorite letter: E

What do you like to do: play with my barbies

Tell me something special about you: i eat ice cream.

Ella, Do you know how you light up my life each and every morning when you wake up and climb into bed with me holding your new junie b. jones book for me to read from? Do you know how my heart aches when you fall down and get a deep scratch on your leg or when i accidently push you too hard on the swings and you go flying off? Do you know how silly you are and how grateful i am for that? Especially when I"m having a bad day... you know how to cheer me up... like the day you gave all your barbies a haircut? Or when I found them lying in the nude outside getting a suntan? When I have to say no to you and you simply say, "change your mind". I love all of that. I am so lucky you are my sweet, silly, sparkly, kind-hearted, goofy, helpful, spunky, adventurous, creative, loving, spiritual, witty, beautiful, full 0f the giggles, my "big baby but still a little baby" kind of girl. Thank you for choosing me as your mother. I am blessed, truly blessed. love Mommy


Debbie said...

too cute, my daughters best friend is Lolo

paige said...

thank you sweet misty for all your words of encouragement & advice. i'll take whatever you have to offer

precious letter to your baby girl!